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Strange, the things one finds. This had been jammed into a Bentley Little novel, and I don’t know how or why it got there. Apparently, however, this dollar bill has followed me around, since I left Bermuda, through two countries, and two states, and countless moves, for more than like twenty years now. Every time I think I’ve lost it, it turns up again in strange places. (Once, when I lived in North Carolina, I found it wedged inside of an old shoe — perhaps that accounts for the mildew spots all over it?).
At any rate, not a lot of this money was printed. In Bermuda, when I was there, American money was interchangeable, and you could pay with both. So, if something cost a buck twenty five, you could pay with this dollar and an American Quarter.

At any rate, for my own reference reasons, I broke 20,000 today on a writing project.


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