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    Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a stange place, at times. The place used to be extremely run down, with many of the buildings there dilapidated, falling apart, and abandoned. In some places, strange people have spray painted strange graffiti. That’s slowly beginning to change, as developers have been tearing a lot down and throwing new condos up. Still, the transformation is not complete.
    Yet, of all weirdness, Asbury Park boasts a monument to President John F. Kennedy. The scultpture itself is a little haunting. It’s not a realistic bust — the surface texture looks scaly, and the eyes are vacant, blank, black, and empty. Part of me thinks that there were legitimate artistic decisions behind it. After all, JFK was assassinated, and that death more than touched a generation.
    Still, for a downtrodden seaside community, the bust of JFK is one more sort of ominous thing. From a distance, it’s looks like a severed head staring out at the conjunction of Cookman Avenue and Grand.

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