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There’s a misconception about Bermuda: many people tend to think it’s in the Caribbean. It isn’t. It sits in the mid-Atlantic, roughly about 700 or so miles off the coast of the Carolinas, which means, geographically speaking, it’s not a tropical island. It’s in the “sub-tropics.” Still, it never snows there. Yet, the Carolinas occasionally get snow, even the coastal plain. So what gives? There’s a huge current, called The Gulf Stream out in the Atlantic that moves warm water around. These currents, for example, also explain the climate of Southern England, where you can find palm trees. So, the result is no snow, but with a changing global climate, who knows? There is a Caribbean tilt, a little, in terms of culture, but that comes more from English, colonial, and Commonwealth influences. There is a shared sense of heritage, but that’s about it. You will not find many steel drums in Hamilton, although there are a few Rastafarians running around. They, however, are a very small minority.


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