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Curt Hennig died in 2003 of drug related causes, bringing to a tragic end a long professional wrestling career. For fans, he was probably most remembered as “Mr. Perfect,” and had his major push during the Hulk Hogan era WWE (Back when it was called the World Wrestling Federation). For the span of one Armed Forces Network ad, Hennig went by the moniker “Easy Rider.” Basically, AFN is not allowed to run commercials, because, as a military sponsored media outlet, taking money in the form of ads would lead to a conflict of interest. So, in between shows, AFN chose to run community bulletins and infomercials. And they were 99% terrible over all. So, imagine watching a sit com, and when it goes to break, heaving to sit through crap like this, where Curt Hennig, in his own special way, is helping the government tell people to wear their seat belts:


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