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Basically, in the UK, this is a fringe political party created solely for the sake of satire and such.  Consider, for example, the dillema the OMRLP faced when one of their canidates actually won:

 Party Chairman Alan ‘The Great White’ Hope is elected unopposed onto Ashburton Town Council. The first loony ever to hold public office causes a dilemma in the party. Previously it had been decided that any loony who was serious enough to actually win a seat should be expelled from the party. Consequently these rules were amended at the 1987 Loony Party Conference to allow a successful loony to stay in the party.

Tongue firmly in cheek, it’s still maintained, by the BBC, at least, that there’s something sensible underneath all the humor:

Some might argue their latest ideas are equally wise.

The party’s 2001 campaign calls for all prospective home buyers to be given a full description of “floodplain”, “coastal erosion” and “exposed headland”.

“This will save time explaining why they have no house anymore after nature takes charge of the environment,” says the manifesto.

Building on floodplains should be restricted to large houseboats, it suggests.


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  1. The Ravings of a Monster Raving Loony : Election Countdown.
    By lordtobyjug
    A loony time had by all at this years party conference, all prospective official loony candidates and delegates were encouraged to spend as much as they could at the bar of The Raven Hotel, in Hook, Hampshire, and put it on their expenses ! We, the party faithful, are determined to field fifty candidates at the next general election, if we do, we will qualify for our first party political broadcast. It will be the only one people actually watch and don’t go and make a cup of tea !

    Tags: Put it On Your Expenses

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