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Attended the 5th and 6th grades here.  My mom also began her teaching career at this school.    Notice the boxy nature of the buildings.  The US Navy, in it’s infinite wisdom, didn’t use buildings that met Bermudian climate realities.  So, when it would rain — and it could rain hard there — the water collected onto the roof and stayed there.  Just about each one of these buildings would leak, as did the highschool and other structures aboard the Naval Air Station



  1. Rich..

    Sounds as though we chased each other around the Atlantic. My dad was the principal of Roger B. Chaffee from 1971 to 1976, and I attended 5th through 9th grades there and at the high school. Then we moved to Lajes in ’76. When were you there?

  2. When were you there? I used to teach 6th grade from 1993-1995, when it closed

  3. I was there like 1984-1987. During our stay, my father was also the Chaffee High principal.

  4. We were stationd at NAS Bermuda 1973-1976, my eldest daughter started at Chaffee in Kindergarten where she was physicaly mistreated by the teacher and we pulled her out and sent her to the local school on St. David’s Island.

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