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Britain is not known for it’s culinary excellence, that’s for sure. Still, there are certain things one can aquire a taste for: meat pies, beans on toast, cod and chips (with malt vinegar!), and a lot of junk food. Still, if there’s one thing that I never aquired a tasty for, it was Wimpy Burgers. Basically, Wimpy was the McDonalds of the UK. Back in the 1980’s, American fast food didn’t have it’s global reach, and for me and my family, Burger King, Wendy’s, and McD’s was an extravagance and a luxury only to be enjoyed infrequently, when we were in the US. As for the American military bases, this was long before the government contracted out its AAFES snack bars.

As for Wimpy, I can only remember eating there once or twice, and even for a growing six year old, their burgers tasted greasy and foul. There was something in the meat that just wasn’t good — it didn’t taste like how a hamburger should taste, just like how a banger never fully tasted like what I expected from a sausage. Given the choice between a knock off of American fast food or the local chip shop, deep fried cod and potatoes won every time.


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