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Here’s common joke: there are 5 food groups in the UK: meat, Diary, Fruit, fiber, vegetable, and junk/grease. Hell, they have a whole meal time between lunch and supper. It’s called tea. Basically, somebody brews up a pot of tea, hopefully PG Tips or Earl Grey, and there’s a whole bunch of non-nourishing things to go with it, like biscuits, scones, cookies, buttered toast. But, it goes further than tea time. The Brits have a wonderful array of junk food, whether it’s salt-and-vinegar chips or chocolates, like Double Decker bars or Cadbury Flakes (all of which are not available in the US). Digestives are things I miss the most. With a name like “Digestives,” a casual outsider might mistake them for something pharmaceutical, like laxatives. Nothing is further from the truth. I could describe them myself, but perhaps it’s best to let‘s product copy do the talking: Wheatmeal biscuits covered in milk chocolate.


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