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Bermuda has had a very lively blogosphere.    A lot of it seems politically motivated, but then again, I do not know nearly enough to shove my toe in the middle of a debate I know very little about.  Especially since I haven’t lived there since the 1980’s.   However, what is noticable is that there are some hard feelings stemming from the last parliamentary election there.  One of the casualties seems to be A Limey In Bermuda, who has flounced from blogging.  That is a shame, because that particular blog seemed highly informative.  For example, here’s a reaction to a US State Department advisory regarding Bermuda:

A lot of Bermudians were upset today by the US State Department’s decision to portray Bermuda’s crime rate as “moderate but growing” in its latest travel advisory.

The advisory spends three paragraphs describing the woes that may befall any traveller foolish enough to visit here, including thefts, muggings, purse snatchings, Rohypnol-aided sexual assaults, gang activity, drug use, and the perils of St. George’s. Most of the material isn’t new – indeed the bits about Rohypnol and violence in the East End caused a big stink when they first appeared in 2002. What really seems to have got people vexed is the upgrade from “low to moderate crime rate” to “moderate but growing”.

Criminal activity in St. George’s? There’s certainly some, but no worse than anywhere else on the Island. I don’t think twice about walking around St. George’s after dark. Rohypnol-assisted date rape? One documented incident in 1999. The papers do seem to be filled with stories of assaults, but as the State Department itself points out, most of these are drug- or gang-related.


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