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I used to have a strange tradition, but for the last few years, I haven’t kept it up. That is, on my birthday, I used to drink a few bottles of Bitburger Pils. Why? I was born in Bittburg, Germany. But then again, being perpetually broke, I gave up that ritual, partly because it was meaningless. Don’t get me wrong. Bittburger Pils is a wonderful, sharp tasting pilsner, but the problem, eventually, was thus: it was a vain attempt to build some type of personal cultural heritage, and after awhile, it seemed a shallow exercise, at best. Basically, it seemed best to appreciate the beer for what it was: good beer.

That said, this is their origin, according to their website:

In 1817 Johann Peter Wallenbronn set up a brewery in Bitburger to make top-fermented beer. In 1839 his widow, Anna Katharina, took over the business before her daughter, Elisabeth, married Ludwig Bertrand Simon in 1842 and Simon continued to run the company.

In 1871 their 24-year-old son Theobald Simon succeeds his father, investing in the expansion and modernisation of the brewery. This includes an ice-cooled artificial cellar designed to keep temperatures at the same low level, all the year round, making it possible to brew new bottom-fermented beers.

In 1883 Bitburger brewed its first Pils beer. The first Bitburger Export led to activities in nearby Luxembourg, where a representative office was set up in Echternach in 1886.


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  1. Rich! I was cruising websites re: Bitburger Pils hoping to find how and where to purchase a “Bitte ein Bit” bumper sticker (cause I saw one recently)… do you know and can you let me know? thanks…John

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