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I remember sitting in a ski bar on the Austrian side of the Zugspitze; my brother and I were knocking back a couple of beers, and this God-awful disco/techno blared as people busted moves on the dance floor. When I say the song was awful, I mean it went on forever without end, and the lyrics consisted of “Yes Sir! I can boogie. Boogie woogie.” The girls singing this had an accent. Plus, the DJ that night must’ve had not a lot to choose from, because whenever the song finally ended, and my brother and I sighed a sigh of relief, it can blaring back within 6-9 minutes.

I always think of that bar whenever I hear continental Euro pop music and want to jab a pencil through my ear. Disco died a horrible death in the USA, but it didn’t in Europe. In the late 1980’s, acid house flourished in Belgium, and techno took hold. The history of those offshoots might be best saved for later. At any rate, Europeans, especially Germans, have a strange tradition of this sort of thing. Recently, I was reminded of this on a message board I frequent. I’m not sure how authentically “German” this is, but it does speak to the inner lameness of Euro-Techno. At any rate, over at The Other Dark Place, skippycarl posted the following:


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