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Bermuda has roughly 21 square miles.  Now, imagine if everybody had cars and drove like wannabe NASCAR champs — that’s not the actual problem, but in a place so small, that could be potential issue.  The other would be grid lock from over crowding, which is why Bermuda has always placed stringent guidelines on the ownership and use of automobiles.   Since the roads themselves tend to be narrow with lots of curves and twists, 35 kilometers per hour remains the maximum speed limit.  That’s 21 miles per hour.  That’s slow, but then again, tourists running amok and ignorant of Bermudian road realities has always been a dominant cause of death.  When the road is empty, sometimes, the temptation to go just a little bit faster grabs even some of those who’ve lived there for awhile.  Yet, if you’re caught speeding, you not only have to pay a hefty fine, but a resulting court appearance is mandatory (or, it was 1980’s when both my parents got caught speeding a few times).  Other issues of transportation can be found here;  most notably, however, is that only residents can own cars, and there’s a one-per-household limit.  There isn’t one on mopeds, but there’s a limit to 50cc engines.  What to ship your Harley to Bermuda and ride around?  Simply, by law, you can’t.


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