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Maybe a bit macabre, but in Bermuda, tourists die in car wrecks all the time, partly due to speeding and being unfamiliar with the twisty nature of the roads.  So, dying in Bermuda, according the US Consulate in Hamilton:


One of the most essential tasks of the Department of State and of U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad is to provide assistance to families of U.S. citizens who die abroad. When an American dies abroad, a Consular Officer prepares the necessary paperwork for the disposition of the remains, whether shipment to the U.S. or burial in Bermuda.  Costs for preparing and returning the body to the U.S. can be high and must be paid by the family.

Reports of Death

The Consul prepares a Report of Death based on the Bermuda death certificate; this report is then forwarded to the next of kin for use in estate and insurance matters.  The consular “Report of Death of an American Citizen Abroad” is a report that provides the essential facts concerning the death of a U.S. citizen, disposition of remains, and custody of the personal effects of a deceased citizen. This form is generally used in legal proceedings in the United States in lieu of the foreign death certificate. The Report of Death is based on the foreign death certificate and cannot be completed until the foreign death certificate has been issued. This process can sometimes take from four to six weeks or longer after the date of the death, depending on how long it takes local authorities to complete the local form. U.S. Embassies and Consulates work with local authorities to see that this time is as short as possible. Bermuda requires autopsies in all cases.


U.S. Entry Requirements for Quarantine and Customs

In general, if remains have been embalmed, the documentation which accompanies the consular mortuary certificate will satisfy U.S. public health requirements. If the foreign death certificate is not available at the time the remains are returned, the Consular Mortuary Certificate will include reference to the fact that the deceased did not die from a quarantineable disease and that the remains have been embalmed. The affidavit of the funeral director which is attached to the Consular Mortuary Certificate complies with the U.S. Customs requirement that the casket and the packing container for the casket contain only the remains. If the remains are not accompanied by a passenger, a bill of lading must be issued by the airline carrier company to cover the transport. The customs house permit for entry to the United States is obtained by the airline carrier at the point of departure.


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