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So, some might look at this blog and wonder, why is he doing this?  To the casual observer, it looks like I’m posting random things about a bunch of countries.  The criteria for coverage, basically, is that either me or my immediate family had to have physically stepped foot onto the soil there.  Which, as I start getting a hold of my parents’ slides and older pictures, also opens up the Azores and a large swath of Asia.  Still, that says what I’m doing, not why I’m doing it. 

In a nutshell:  I like writing fiction, especially horror.   Yet, when it comes to writing, one needs to find their voice, and recently, I realized that I had a wealth of experience traveling, both from personal experience and that of my sister, brother, and parents.   Basically, I want to write fiction about the places I’ve been, and so, I thought it would be good to have a resource that gathers all of this disparate stuff together, into one central location.  If anybody else finds these random posts interesting, I’m flattered.

At anyrate, my first bit of published work is set to come out soon.  Here’s a book trailer for it:

And it’s only going to be available through Skullvines Press.


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