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As noted in an earlier post, there’s a reason why most civilians have to live outside of DOD military housing.  In The Netherlands, my home sat near Soesterberg Air Force Base’s runway.  The windows were made of a special, thick glass, and even then, the rumble and roar of American F-16’s and dutch fighter jets shook all the windows.  Still, if normal windows had been fitted, the noise would have been much, much worse.  The house stood on Amersfoortsestraat, which lead into the small town of Amersfoort.  Basically, I could walk outside my house to the bus stop and catch ride into either Amersfoort or Utrecht.  Across the street, a convent stood, as well as a woodland path that lead Apollo Housing, which is where most of my friends lived.  (As a side night, the balcony in the picture below, was part of my bedroom).


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