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For an administrator, no matter how small the school, there will always be some sort of tension with the teacher’s union. Once, the union leader, I forgot who, once complained to my father that he and Noel Senecal, the vice principal, spent way too much time together “laughing.” My father responded, “What? Would you prefer him and I hating each other? How would that be good for the students?” And get along, they did. Often, my father publicly remarked that Senecal was more like a co-principal to him than a subordinate. That is, he valued Senecal’s insight and divvied up responsibilities nearly equally. Even more than that, they were pretty good friends off-the-clock too, as they both were members of the same darts team at The Brutus, a small little bar in Amersfoort. Still, their favorite past times, during school hours, basically, was a standard good-cop/bad cop routine with problem students.


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