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Although I had graduated from high school and spent roughly 7 years in West Virginia, I found myself, after college, back in a military community. Jacksonville, North Carolina, is a sad little military town, one where the landscape is dominated by bars, tattoo parlors, pawn shops, and franchise restaurants. I ended up there partly because after finishing my first master’s degree, I had no place to go. So, I moved in with my parents. My father had since retired from the federal government, but my mother, on the other hand, still had a few years to go before she could collect her federal retirement as a DODDS elementary school teacher. So, while the house in England was being sold, my mother sought and found a stateside DOD teaching gig, which landed her at an elementary school on Tarawa Terrace II, a fenced off housing installation for enlisted Marines. Since I moved in with my parents, I tried various jobs until I ended up teaching for Coastal Carolina Community College. There, the full timers really didn’t like driving onto Camp Lejeune or Marine Corps Air Station New River to teach. So, adjuncts like me got those classes. The below picture comes from MCAS New River, as the building neighboring the Base Education Center underwent renovations.


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