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Once the American military packs up and leaves, either the remaining installation gets bulldozed or the structures are adapted for other uses.  Camp Zeist, in Soesterberg, for example, became home for the trial of terrorists, once Libya gave up the Lockerbie bombers.   Naval Air Station Bermuda, on the other hand, had to be redeveloped for real estate, because in a place that small, every square foot takes on a new significance.

Anyhow, this “post-American” use of facilities interests me, especially since I found the above photo on Flickr.  It looks a lot like Apollo Housing in Soesterberg — which is where most of the American Air Force service members were highly concentrated.  Military housing is quiet often uniform, made to order.   And a lot of the neighborhood looks like the above, with strips of these townhouses with carports.   Still, I’m a little unsure, partly because that whole area is virtually imprinted in my memory, and I don’t remember sidewalks having that sort of brickwork.  However, the Apollo Housing of my memory existed more than 10 years ago, and many parts of it have likely been subtly renovated.



  1. Hi, There is not much changed since the last American leave the housing area. All houses are now owned by local people from all over the country. A couple of things aren’t changed: Halloween and X-mas with a lot of houses are full off lights.

  2. I know this Place. There is a small playground behind these homes. and a path
    leading out to a Church on a major roadway. I think Were looking at where Tony Ledbetter or Gavin Polly Lived in 82-83

  3. It’s definitely Apollo – I lived there for four years until last year.

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