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Financially, Europe was likely far more complex before the Euro Dollar came into being, and being American, that usually meant, at least, having a wallet with two types of currency stuffed into it. On military bases, transactions were carried out in dollars — so, a pair of Air Jordan’s, at the Base Exchanged, cost a C-Note. Groceries at the commisary, renting videos, liquor at the Class 6, all of that required American money. As soon as you stepped off base, however, you needed the local currency. Traveling just made it more complicated. For example, lets say the Soesterberg wrestling team had a trip planned to SHAPE. One needed American Dollars, especially if the bus was going to stop at Chievers AFB before coming home. One also needed Guilders if the bus was going to stop anywhere in the Netherlands, and since SHAPE was a NATO installation, one needed Belgian Francs, if one wanted to hit the Pizza Bowl or the nearby shopping center. One trip, and practicality demands a wallet with three currencies. At any rate, for those people stationed in Europe at the moment, the near universal Euro Dollar makes it a little bit simplier. No matter where you travel, all you would need would be two sets of money


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