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The Bermudian News Network has a short, but to the point, time line of Bermudian History.  It starts from when Juan de Bermudez first sighted the island chain in 1505 and ends 8 years ago, on the year 2000.  Some snippets are:

Governor Richard Sharples and his aide are assassinated.

Erskine Durrant “Buck” Burrows and Larry Tacklyn, convicted of the 1972 murder of Police Commissioner George Duckett were executed. They, along with three other individuals, were named by an inquest as being responsible for the assasination of Governor Sharples. Widespread riots follow.


An referendum on independence from Britain is held — 25 per cent of Bermudians vote to cut ties with the UK. The oppostion PLP called on its supported to boycott the referendum. The turnout was 57%. The US and British navies close their bases in Bermuda.


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