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As Asbury Park rebuilds itself, slowly, I’ve grown to believe something.   The “No Trespassing” signs on many of the tenements are not aimed solely at homeless squatters, but they’re likely also aimed at the cadre of urban explorers that usually roll into town with their cameras.   In the years that I’ve photographed Asbury Park, both when I lived there and when I moved away to Brick Township, I haven’t been the only one wandering the streets with a digital camera.  I remember back when the Casino was largely padlocked and no part of it was open to the public.  Periodically, the plywood from one of the windows always ended up removed, somehow.  Days later, it would be replaced with a multitude of “All Trespassers will be prosecuted” signs.  Of course, I have no hard evidence to back up this claim, but I do believe that redevelopment has slowly been pushing out the homeless.  And if that’s the case, the only breaking-and-entering types left are non-criminal urban explorers.  Just a thought.


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