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Okay, as a photo, the above is not very good. There’s a reflection of flowers in the windshield — which is dirty, by the way. The rear-view mirror is blocking the view, also. But then again, this photo was taken completely on impulse, while I was driving. Basically, this thing drives by, and I had a disposable camera in the navigators seat. So, I just kind of randomly snapped this photo. It took me a moment to realize that it was a helicopter without rotor blades. The daydreamer in me, for a split second, thought it was a UFO. (And I’m not a UFO nut, just a guy that likes science fiction). But then again, sometimes, when you live near two Marine Corps installations — or, in my case, “lived” — stuff like this is rather usual. That doesn’t change the surpise value, each time.


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  1. My dad was station at Camp LeJeune many years ago and this is funny I will have to share with him. I can imagine you have seen many large interesting things on the road. I have actually looked into the housing in that area as my parents always have told me what a great area it was and the weather nice.

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