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While I largely think I don’t have any pictures of Soesterberg American High School left, there is this old handbook.  (Plus, my yearbooks).  This shows the old entrance of the school, the one that was by the Camp New Amsterdam’s main gate.



  1. Hi there. Your site is very interesting and a nostalgic trip for me. I was the school secretary in the early 1980’s and there when the new highschool was being built! I still have staff photos and a 1982 Yearbook to help me remember the “Falcon” students. Regards to all who might remember me!

  2. Hy Barbara. I May Remember you. I went to the principals office often enugh. From ’77 till ’83 I would very much like to see the pictures you have. I would need one of you say from ’80 to ’83 to jog my memory.

    • Hi Bradley. You can find a recent pic of me at – I haven’t changed as much as the students would have! I think I remember your name too

  3. Hallo Barbara

    I am searching for an old teacher (history) from soesterberg high school.
    His name is richard karavidis (I think).
    He was my neighbour in Woudenberg, but I am lost his adres, in the past years.
    Can you help me please, to find Richard?

    Do you want ro replay me?
    Thank you!
    Jan Hardeman

    Sorry I dont speak english so well!

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