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So this is a photo from the Slobbering Wolfhounds website.  The bowling alley and youth center were on the back side of the school, and considering the location, both were places that didn’t seem to get as much teenage patronage as one might think.   Part of this is just my memory of me and my friends.  (Of course, my friend, Pat Irvine did work in the Bowling Alley for a time).  During my senior year, when seniors enjoyed “off-campus” privileges, some did go here, but many also hit the Pizza Parlor in the quad, in the same building as the Mini Mart.  As for the Youth Center, I remember going there very few times.



  1. I worked at the bowling alley in 81 – mostly at the fast food location on the flight line (a little burger shack). my dad was stationed here in the late 50’s. I came back in the summers (70-83) to visit family in Soesterberg (he married a local woman – DeGroot, g-mother(passed), aunts,uncles, cousins still there. Where is John McCain (not the politician), Greg Constardino (Hotel Rodichem / Australia fame), Bob from the base post office from Cali and the others who knew me as Mike the Bike? Many great parties in the dunes – A-Dam, Amsersfoort and Zeist. Think about it all the time. Back in the NY Saratoga groove – married , running a business, riding a harley – longing for freedom as we knew it then. Let me know – where u at, whats up!!!!. Remember our boy – PETER TROOST – from S-berg. He loved us and America. Died from a stray bullet – in s-berg. how did that happen? Only the good die young – keep just a little streak of bad – to keep u alive. Airborne.

  2. One more name – mike mulgrew. originally from Tennessee (but spent way too much time in holland). last I heard he was still there – somewhere in utrecht. reach out bro – Need to hear from u – mike the bike – back in ny – email me!

  3. I remember this place when it was just built. My mom was a manager there

    • When was she there? Do you recognize any of the names I mentioned? My mom’s from s-berg. I spent summers there, mostly in 79,81 and 83.

  4. oops I forgot to hit the notify box.

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