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A month or so back, I posted a Chuck Mangione YouTube video here, stating that for me, it’s what I instantly identify as the “1970’s” and living in Germany.

Well, for my time in the UK, I’d have to say the definitive song had to be Madness’ “Our House.”  When I was young, that song got heavy rotation, and it was the first record I ever owned.  So, call me cheesy, but every time I hear “Our House,” it gives me a strong sense of nostalgia.

Literally, it makes me think of family’s home in the UK.  It was the only one my parents ever owned.  In the time that they left the UK and returned a decade later, they rented out it to Americans serving aboard the nearby RAF Daws Lea.  In the late 1990s, my father and mother returned to this house.  My father had received a principalship at London Central, and he planned to finish out his DODDS career and sell the place.  They did, and bough a place in North Carolina, thus ending the 3+ decades of working for the federal government.


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