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An odd assortment of facts, from London Central High School’s homepage:

The name London Central is very misleading because the school is actually located over 30 miles outside of London.

– London Central is not designed like a typical high school, which are usually housed in one building. The school is actually similar to a college, sporting a compilation of many seperate buildings, including the main building, the old buildings, the theater, the music classroom, the technology building, the cafeteria, the gym, and the dormitories.

– The current location of London Central High School is actually its third. It was previously located at Bushey Park, near Hampton Court, and at Bushey Hill until a series of base closures forced it to be moved to its current location in 1971.

– The part of the building known as the detention room was used during World War II by General Eisenhower as a map room.

– The bunker located near the school campus was used during World War II as a command bunker.

– The top-selling group “America”, performers of the hit single “Horse With No Name”, were once students at London Central.

– The music classroom was actually transformed into its current state from the old base chapel when the school was moved here in 1971.

– London Central is the only boarding school left in DODEA.

– London Central is the oldest American high school still operating in the United Kingdom


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