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The trial of Libyan terrorists took place on Camp Ziest.  Basically, Soesterberg, as an American Military experience, was a cluster of installations.  The school and the air field was on one, with the PX, the Rec Center, barracks, and the gym on the other.  The elemetary school and commisary were also on separate “bases.”  Basically, after the Air Force left, the elementary school became the court trying the terrorists.  Here’s the first couple of paragraphs from a 2001 Herald Tribune article on the trial itself:

It began with the whole world watching, but few have stayed the course. Neil Mackay reports from Camp Zeist

WHEN the Lockerbie trial finally limps towards its end this week it will be with a whimper rather than a bang. Somehow or other, the dying days of a court case about mass murder and international terrorism have been muted to the point of anti-climax.

In the opening months of 2000 this was being hailed as the trial of the century. Just over six months later, the courtroom at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands is less than a quarter full. Only a handful of reporters from agencies such as Associated Press and Reuters are present to watch the proceedings.



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