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I have a digital voice recorder, and I’ve always promised myself that I would do an exhaustive set of interviews with my parents. They’re filled with travel stories, many dating before my birth. For example, imagine growing up with this nearby:

Yes, I grew up thinking that it’s perfectly normal to have a statue of naked man holding up a decapitated head in your home. I don’t know which one is “Harry” and which one is “Larry.” My family just always called the thing, “Harry and Larry” — and yes, we’ve always used the thing as a hat rack. All I know, at this moment, is that “Harry and Larry” came from my family’s time at now closed Clark Air Force Base in The Philippines. So, one of the many questions I’d ask my parents would be, “What the fuck is up with Harry and Larry? Where does that thing come from?”


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  1. WOW! I have a statue that is almost EXACTLY the same as yours! I have been searching for it’s origin for YEARS and have never found anything like it! I had a friend that met someone with a table-sized statuette of mine, but nothing like the life-size one I possess. I’ve always called him Naked Indian Man, that’s his name. I know that he used to hold a weapon or Tomahawk of sorts, but it is no longer there.

    Can you tell me where you got your statue and/or what you may know about the artist(s)? I am very curious as to the statue’s origins and any info you have would be a great help!

    Thank you!


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