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Consider this as a belated follow up to this post.

ME: So how was those first couple of meetings, Mr. District Leader?

DAD: I’ve never seen so much ass kissing in my life.

ME: Really? Even more than DODDS? (Note: DODDS = Department of Defense Dependent Schools)

DAD: Lord, local politicians make federal employees look like amateurs.

Me: Do any hob-nobbing?

DAD: Absolutely not. I was too busy eating.

Me: What?

DAD: The spread was fantastic. I made sure I told everybody that, [violently waves hands for emphasis] “THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOES A GOOD FEEDBAG!!!”

Me: You said that, that loudly, that way?

DAD: Oh, to everybody that would listen. I was grateful.

Me: It couldn’t have been that good.

DAD: You don’t understand. They had periogies with good smoked kielbasa. They had fried chicken and wings. A bunch of diverse latino foods, and so much more; it was multi-ethnic buffet. I mean isn’t that what the Democratic party is about?

Me: Eating?

DAD: No, eating so many different ethnic varieties all within one catered event. You know, so many different people together all at once.

Me: Did you actually do anything?

DAD: Listened to some boring speeches, that’s about it. Oh, and, as before, I watched a bunch of people flatter each other tremendously.


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