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Last Friday, as a result of my academic employment options drying up for the near term (it is summer, after all), I started working in a warehouse. I kind of like it, and given the options I was facing, K-Mart or UPS, the pay is best I could immediately hope for. As for the job itself, it’s basically picking orders for an industrial components company. The first two days, I’ve made some mistakes — not paying enough attention to the nuances of part-numbers, but all in all, I’ll get the hang of it. The floor manager, while conducting my 15 minute training, said, “Think of it as if you were grocery shopping . . . for eight hours.” The company allows iPods, and that brings me to something I used to do, blogging wise. Reviews. So, here’s a very quick round up of what I’ve listened to today. Most of the links are to the general homepage, so you may have to snoop around to find it — or just plug the info into iTunes..

Pod of Horror Episode #44:

This is the first podcast I ever became a regular “fan” of. Mark Justice has professional radio experience, and it shows. This time around, he’s interviewed two great horror writers in Gary Bruanbeck and Tom Piccirrilli. There’s the usual verbal game of cat-and-mouse between Justice in Nanci Kalanta in the news segment. Oh, and for full disclosure, my book is one of the prizes in the Tomb of Trivia segment. If one is a fan of horror/dark literature, this is simply the best podcast covering the genre.

Psuedopod 070: Rapanunzel’s Room.

Intriguing concept. A woman’s body hair comes back to haunt her. Solid characters, but the ending seems pasted on and coming from left field. Liked it, but had to listen to it twice to pick up on massive shift that happened. Of course, squinting at “capacitators” and their part numbers did mean I was only half listening.

Psuedopod Flash: I am Nature

Could have done without the racist language, even if it was in character. I thought it really didn’t add to the story and it made me not like the character. The whole bit about god and drinking heroin tainted blood just made me shake my head. Pretentious for a horror story. But that’s just my gut reaction.

Psuedopod Flash: Garbage Day.

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious, and very tightly written for a short piece.

Podcastle 001: Come Lady Death, by Peter S. Beagle

A very fine story. Imaginative, original, and without any of the pretense one would fear with a title like, Come Lady Death. Basically, a british noble woman invites Death to her home, partly because she’s bored from giving to many boring house parties. Death shows up, but not in a way that everybody expects. She’s an attractive young woman, and since this is not horror, there’s no tragedy involved. Still, interesting.

Musical interludes were, in no particular order: The Transplants, Children of Bodom, System of a Down, Skindred.


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