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In the history of Asbury Park, the 1990’s were kind of bleak, as were the early parts of the 00 years.  Around 2004, a lot of redevelopment has happened.  Sure, some of it has stalled due to the housing crunch, but one might say the early phase of the rebuilding hasn’t even touched the things that are left, work wise.

(Note that the C-8 Rust Skeleton still stands in the background.  That’s one definitive way to date an Asbury Photo, these days.)



  1. wow, you totally need to revisit AP. C8 has been gone for years, buddy. speaking of dating photos.

  2. I revisit Asbury all the time. I was talking about te beginning of the rebuilding. If you read the rest of the blog you’d know that.

  3. Asbury Park is really coming along these days. ReVision Theatre, a non-profit,has moved from New York to Asbury. They’re a bunch of great people doing great work. Right now they are turning the old Carousel House into a theatre for a performance of The Full Monty, which will run until September 6th. Maybe I can get you pictures of the changes being made. It’s looking great. ReVision hopes to use the building every summer. Well wishes and high hopes-Crystal J.

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