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Tired. I’m not going to obligate myself to this as a daily post. But, since I’m in the mood, what the hell…


Simply a very well done show on horror/dark comics and graphic novels. The two recent episodes I listened to today were stripped down — as in, no Pod of Horror or Mur Lafferty styled slick production. What sells, here, is that all involved know a hell of a lot of what they’re talking about. Imagine this: You’re standing in your local comic book show, eavesdropping on three expert collectors chat, while waiting for the new books and reserve boxes are completed. Episodes 23 & 24 are heavy on Hellblazer and horror prose writer Joe Hill. Highly recommended.

Although, I still need to check out their “Musings” special episodes.

Well Told Tales

Scottish horror writer William Meikle gives readers a standard reversal storyline, but I’ll say nothing more, in the name of not giving out spoilers. Meikle writes well, captures his characters strongly, and has a good sense of description. I’ve read his The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet and enjoyed it (more on that later, someday), so it’s interesting to experience his writing a different way.

You know, it used to be top-list authors who got audio treatments — you know, the Kings, Barkers, Anne Rices, etc — partly because the price tag for all the CDs are so whopping. It’s kind of nice to see podcasting as the small press equalizer.


There were others. The episode of Ricky Gervais I was listening to just didn’t work. It sounded like the audio track to a DVD, and that’s well and fine. I like DVD commentary tracks, but for that to work you kind-of —um!— need visuals to go with it. It’s like listening to the commentary on a comedy album — funny, but you know you’re missing a lot from not having seen his delivery visually. There some NASA casts, but nothing truly stellar. Yes, that pun was intended. I’m tired. And cranky. Musical interludes came by way of Strike Anywhere, Refused, and Stiff Little Fingers.


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