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A lot of stuff I’ve been listening to is old, partly because I’m playing a huge game of catch up.  That’s what I get for neglecting my subscriptions for months.  Still, since my new day job is now glorified “Grocery shopping,” I’m practically listening to my iPod for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Anyhow, here’s more of what I listened to and liked in the past week.

Darker Projects: Five Minute Fears: Elevator Music

Absurdly funny.  Two serial killers meet in an elevator and mutually admire each other’s work.

Psuedopod 73:  Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ by Kevin Anderson

A finely crafted story, with a perfect ending line.  Three people are stuck in traffic considering the state of their relationship.  A guy a couple cars up goes apeshit and becomes an axe wielding maniac.

Escape Pod 132: Sparks in a Cold War By Kristine Katherine Rusch

Adventure/Space Opera.  Still, nicely written and character driven.  One act of murder on an extraterrestial (and illegal) safari can lead to a hot war.

Podcastle 003: Run of the Fiery Horse by Hillary Moon Murphy

Fantasy set in ancient China.  A girl born under a bad astrological sign makes a deal with a dream snake for 7 years of independence.  This is partly spurred on by the fact she loves to run and doesn’t want her feet bound.


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  1. I think you have excellent taste in stories. If you have not already, give The Drabblecast a try.

    And how did you get a gig to do “Grocery shopping,” for a living?

    Peace and Creativity

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