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I must quote the following, from the Chocolate Blog, for truth:

Double Deckers are one of those bars. We kind of ignore them when we choose our chocolate. But, when it actually occurs to us to buy one, we can’t understand why we left it so long. We binge on them for a couple of weeks and then leave them once again, to be ignored on the Sweet Shop shelf.

I guess the name is so apt in more ways than one. Just like the proverbial (double decker) bus; you wait for ages and none appear, then numerous ones arrive all at once.

The lower deck of this bar is crispy crunchy cereal and the upper deck is a chewy nougatine; all wrapped in milk chocolate.

double decker half1.jpg
If anything makes me nostalgic for the part of my childhood in the UK, it’s the mere thought of a Double Decker Bar. Cadbury has made incursions into the US sweets market, but as of late, it’s only been the large fruit-and-nut or other varieties of square segmented chocolate. So, the real treats, like the Double Decker, or The Flake, have largely remained in Great Britain, off limits to Americans.

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