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Again, I must point out the truth The Chocolate Blog offers, this time about the Cadbury Flake:

Upon hearing the news that Cadbury are to launch Flake Dark next month, I immediately went out and bought a multi-pack (5) of the original Flakes. Call it my mini protest if you will. flake wrapped.jpg
I noted upon opening the multi-pack wrapping that the Flake was…smaller than usual. Please oh lord of all things cocoa let the reason be that multi-packs are meant to have smaller Flakes in them and not a. Cadbury have reduced the size of the Flake or b. I have grown so big that everything seems smaller these days.

Ignoring the smallness of the Flake I must say that they were it was flake two break.jpgas yummy as ever. (of course the other 4 remain in the pack for later) I put forward the same question as with Cadbury Chocolate Buttons, ’same chocolate, different taste/experience?’

Here’s the flakey history for you ‘The Cadbury Flake bar was originally launched in 1920. The concept of the Flake was discoved by a Cadbury employee who filled the chocolate moulds. Once the moulds were full, the excess chocolate used to spill over the edge and fold down in a stream of chocolate. Once this stream cooled, the Flake product was created as the texture had many thin layers of chocolate and was very crumbly and flakey!’

God bless that employee!!

As a kid in the 1980’s, I used to love to buy these things. They always crumbled in my fingers, living a pile of chocolate on a strategically placed candy bar wrapper. Being the glutton driven seven year old I was in Britain, not only did I suck up the chocolate dust, but licked the wrapper. Every. Damn. Time.


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