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If one is into Horror, Science Fiction, Bizarro, or just all around strangeness, there’s always Michael Arnzen’s great little email newsletter, Gorelets. I mean, where else can you find writing prompts like these:

+ Write about a woman-eating plant (as opposed to just a man-eater).
+ Everyone says they’re afraid of clowns. What are clowns scared of? Depict their worst nightmare.
+ Ever heard the expression, “Let your freak flag fly”? Write a story or poem about a freak nation and its hallowed flag. (Option: try drawing or describing the iconography of the flag before you begin).

Edit to add:  As Mike points out below, I wrote a poem and posted it there.  It can be read here.


One Comment

  1. I love the poem you posted on The Goreletter blog responding to the clown prompt! Those last lines have a frisson of terror that really delivered it with impact. Thanks for sharing it online. — Mike Arnzen

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