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Well, I am laid off. Bills, bills, bills — how to pay them?

At any rate, somemore recently listened to podcasts are:

Pseudopod 80: Votary by MK Hobson

Family inspired horror — especially when your dad is blob of fat that eats people.

Well Told Tales 001: Tequila by Finn Colgan

As much as I like Brian Keene’s novels, there’s a reason why I never bought The Conquering Worms/Earthworm gods. I. am. phobic. of. worms. They disgust me in a very literal way. That said, Colgan has written a story about Tequila and Tijuana that has made me rethink that phobia. Perhaps, now that I was able to get through Colgan’s tale, I should just suck it up and buy The Conquering Worms. “Tequila” though, is worth the listen, though. Still, had I known it was a worm story, I would have just skipped it. Once I started listening, however, the story pulled me through to the end.

The Drabblecast 37: Luna Springs by Patrick Hurley

Interesting science fiction, where old people are sent to the moon. Touching bit of irony, at the end.


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