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One of the things, when hanging out on horror fiction message boards, is that you often find yourself talking to Canadians and Brits. Sometimes, the subject of food comes up. Since I used to live in the UK, I usually find myself publicly disparaging certain bits of British cuisine, especially black pudding. Usually, the response is “But I love black pudding!” So much so, I sometimes rethink my position, because I only had it once, when I was 7 — and 7 year olds nearly hate everything that isn’t sweet or made of chocolate. So, I thought I’d do a bit of googling on “black pudding.” So, I end up on the Foodio54 Blog, and it’s post about “The Five Most Disgusting Dishes Ever.” Yep, black pudding is one of them, and so is scrapple. However, there’s some shit on there that I can’t mention again, for fear of involuntary regurgitation.


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