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One of the things about off-shoring corporate scams is this:

Offshore Mail Forwarding Address

Often an IBC’s offshore address is nothing more than a mail drop (P.O. Box) assigned to the IBC. Bank and brokerage statements and any other type of company mail may be sent to this address. The mail will typically be picked up twice monthly by the offshore facilitator. The IBC’s mail will be put into a plain, brown envelope and mailed to the address of the beneficial owner’s choice. Only the domestic return address and the recipient’s address appear on the envelope. Thus, the discrete envelope arrives with the offshore IBC’s mail inside. Using offshore mail forwarding insures that the wrong eyes will never view sensitive offshore mail.

There’s nothing implicitly about Bermuda in this post, but it’s going into that category because the novel I’m writing/revising has this sort of scam in it, and it’s set in Bermuda.



  1. Do you have a title for your novel, I’d be interested in reading it when you’ve finished

  2. The Estranged Almost done with it, and then it will be off to the equally hard task of placing it somewhere.

    If you click on “Into The Cruel Sea,” you’ll find a short novelette about Bermuda.

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