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I like to measure failure by the amount of media coverage it gets. A few posts back, I mentioned a Asbury Park Press Story on Mayor Pringle of Belmar, New Jersey. He tried, from his office, to write a satirical newsletter about tourists that frequent the Jersey Shore. Now, it seems like the negative coverage has forced Mayor Pringle to apologize for his tongue-in-cheek statements. Via the Associated Press:

BELMAR, N.J. (AP) – Belmar’s mayor says he’s sorry for disparaging comments that he made in the town’s July 4 newsletter.

Ken Pringle says the newsletter is tongue-in-cheek satire meant to curb the behavior of rowdy renters and visitors to the Monmouth County beach town.

However, some people were offended by the July 4 edition which played on stereotypes featuring “Staten Island girls,” “blondes” and Italian-Americans as “Guidos.”

A story about two women who couldn’t figure out how to take out their garbage appeared under the headline “Let us guess . . . they’re blonde.”

Describing a fight involving a Staten Island woman, the mayor wrote, “Journalistically speaking, “SI woman punches other woman’ is right up there with “Dog bites man.”

Pringle says he probably stepped over the line.

He DID step over the line. When you’re a mayor, your job is to govern and oversee policy and think about the well being of your municipality — your job is to not sit around and dream up ways of making snark on “Staten Island Girls.” And as such, he deserves to be voted out of office. It may be vogue to hate on tourists, but one has to know, they are a significant source of revenue for Jersey Shore towns. This link right here is an example of that, as Pringle’s comments have pushed potential visitiors away from Belmar.


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