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It strikes me as a little funny, honestly.  Most times, you hear American politicians, particularly Democrats like Joe Biden, complain about corporate outsourcing/off shoring to places like Bermuda.   Whether you like Biden or not, Bermuda has had that reputation in the past, even if it has since gotten rid of it’s financial secrecy laws.  Still, one can image the subtle irony when finds out that Bermuda’s elected chief executive, Premier Ewart Brown, is caught in scandal.   The problem?  He outsourced some governmental work to a firm in New York City.  That’s right, for once, the outsourcing runs in the opposite direction.  Care of the Royal Gazette:

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown defended the Government’s use of consultants and outsourcing the Bermuda Department of Tourism office in New York City in a heated motion to adjourn in the House of Assembly.

Around 1 a.m. on Saturday morning, after a lengthy debate on the Education Amendment Act, Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards raised the question of hiring a US company to take over the North American Tourism office.

He said: “Here is a Bermudian government replacing Bermudians with a US firm. There a trend, we see here the farming out of jobs as services that were provided by Bermudians or Bermudian companies.

“What ever happened to Bermuda for Bermudians? Now it must have Made in the USA. It’s one thing for a private firm to replace Bermudians by foreigners, it’s an entirely other thing for the democratically elected Government to replace them. It’s a betrayal of trust.”


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