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Behaving badly on the internet and in print has consequences. It’s basic internet 101 every blogger learns either the hard way or through the misdeeds of others. Word of mouth now travels at the speed of light, thanks to Technorati, Google, and other blogs. Sometimes, it goes beyond that, especially if one makes other people really, really mad. Thanks to Blogspot and WordPress, having an Internet presence is now free and easy. Plus, domain hosting is relatively cheap. So, if you make somebody really mad, or thoroughly amused by incompetence, they can respond in kind. It doesn’t matter if people can take a joke or not or if political correctness abounds in our society, as other bloggers have argued. Now, there’s a Boycott Belmar website. True, Pringle may have retreated from his blog and newsletter, but now, if one were to stick “Belmar” and “tourist” into a Google blog search, one’s going to still going to find references to his attitude towards tourists. That’s not good for Belmar, especially when somebody is on the internet surfing around and wondering, “Gee, I wonder which shore town I should spend a week in.” This is just another reason why Mayor Pringle should have known better.

The infamous July 4 Newsletter can be found here.


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