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That warehouse job is just a memory, now. I’ve been laid off for weeks now, and I actively don’t expect to be called back to work. The beauty of that job, in it’s mindlessness, was listening to podcasts all day. Now, not in that environment, my consumption of podcasts has diminished greatly. On the upside, I interview at a university tomorrow, which is actually more in line with my employment history. I’m hoping for the best. At any rate, here are some of the podcasts I’ve thought about since getting laid off:

Pseudopod 013: Redmond’s Private Screening by Kevin J. Anderson

It should be noted that Kevin J. Anderson and Kevin Anderson are not the same people. I’m not saying that to be a dick, but to point out that They are two separate people. The initial J. makes a difference. I also say this because both writers have had stories produced and streamed by Pseudopod. One has written oodles of novels and the other has written primarily short stories. For the record, I’ve enjoyed the stories of both writers. “Redmond’s Private Screening” is an interesting ghost story, about Japanese immigrants, and ritual disembowelment. It’s also interesting in how it uses the early history of movie making. Recommended.

Pendant: Seminar Anthology

Audio drama broken up into an “anthology” set up where each episode is a college course on humanity. Interesting.


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