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When I lived there, I knew nothing about this.  Then again, neither my family nor my neigbors had any pets.  All I knew about toads in Bermuda is that cars hit them.  All the time, and they lay on the road a litterally cook.  Yes.  It’s gross.  However, according to Bermuda’s SPCA, they’re a nuisence in a completely different way too:

Now that the warmer weather is here, these loveable (!?)creatures are starting to make an appearance again.They tend to stay hidden during the day and venture out in theevening or when it’s dark.

Dogs, in particular, as they may try to play with or bite these toads, will be exposed to the toads’ defense mechanism, a toxin secreted from its skin.

Signs or symptoms of toad poisoning are drooling, head shaking, crying and eventually loss of co-ordination, convulsions and death.

If you suspect that your dog has toad poisoning, thoroughly hose it’s mouth out with water and immediately seek advice from your veterinarian.


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