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The Royal Gazette recently ran a story about a deep sea squid washing ashore in Bermuda. Sure, it’s weird. But it’s not the first time strange things are beached. The following comes from scientific paper entitled: How To Tell a Sea Monster: Molecular Discrimination of Large Marine Animals of the North Atlantic:

A 1988 report from Bermuda described a “Glob,” “2 1/2 to 3 feet thick … very white and fibrous with five ‘arms or legs,’ rather like a disfigured star. … It had no bones, cartilage, visible openings, or odor. …” (quoted in Ellis, 1994). In 1990, another carcass washed ashore in the Hebrides Islands, Scotland: “It had what appeared to be a head at one end, a curved back and seemed to be covered with eaten-away flesh or even a furry skin and was 12 feet long [and] it had all these shapes like fins along its back. …” (L. Phitts to S. McLean, Hancock Museum, Newcastle, UK; pers. comm. to S. M. Carr). Definitive species identification of any of these carcasses has been impossible. Pierce et al. (1995) concluded on the basis of ultrastructure and amino acid analysis that the Bermuda carcass was the remains of a vertebrate, …


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