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Recently, I was watching a whole bunch of Zero Punctuation’s reviews of video games. One of his points, when talking about a Medal of Honor title, came off as purely political. To paraphrase: Americans, for some reason, are nostalgic for World War 2 history, whether it comes in games or in film. Actually, he’s right. One hardly ever sees as many games or movies dedicated to World War 1. Actually, there were plenty of failures that came with that war, and many of them set the conditions that would eventually spiral into a second multinational conflict. Yet, that war doesn’t seem readily apparent in the public imagination.

So, it’s with that in mind that I happened on this on the War and Game blog:

The Rape of Belgium is far from dispassionate. Zuckerman is clearly acting as an advocate for Belgium and for moral standards in wartime. He pleads Belgium’s case, and does it very well. He argues that, as horrific as the German atrocities in the wake of the German army were, even worse was how the Germans made the terror a routine and believed they were justified in so behaving (p. 1).

Remember, he’s talking about the Kaiser’s army, to the Nazis.  So, looks like there’s a book I need to buy.


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