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Much to the chagrin of many who live in Bermuda, the whole notion of “The Triangle” has taken root in OTHER people’s popular culture and imaginations.  So, imagine this — some people on the internet have appropriated the name for an intersection of highways in California.  It seems kind of convoluted, so it’s probably best to let a block quote of the introduction speak for itself:

The Silicon Bermuda Triangle, or more commonly referred to as “the Bermuda Triangle” by those on the up and up, is the triangle created by the intersection of the highways 237, 85, and 101 in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, California. Instead of just naming another geographic region for it’s shape, this area has earned it’s foreboding name because of the imposibility and improbability of giving or following directions to one of the many Internet companies located within the mysterious triangle. Some believe the Internet has thrived for so long because so few of Microsoft’s spies have been able to find their way in-to or out-of the most important Internet district in not only Silicon Valley, but the world.


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  1. what is happening at Bermuda trianlgle is not new, there are some lakes that i know here in South Africa that does the same, they have a huge suction force but the are people who get sucked and come back after some years with special abilities, like psychic and healing hands, it have something to do with ancestors

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