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Ever since my father told me that NASA’s Cooper Island had been largely staffed by independent contracts, I’ve been trying to figure out which companies filled those roles. So far, not a whole lot on the night, but I recently found this:

Raytheon has a long history of supporting the military with the use of its battle-proven MicroLight and the radio’s Enhanced Position Location Reporting System capabilities. Now, it hopes to transition that technology to space as NASA readies for future missions to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Raytheon’s partnership with NASA dates back to the Apollo missions when Raytheon provided solutions for the Saturn launch vehicle, lunar modules, and space suits.

So, it’s the last sentence that gets me. Cooper Island could provide a couple seconds of radar and other bits of monitoring. And, Cooper Island had been involved in most missions from the early pioneering days to the Space Shuttle. So, that includes Apollo. However, this is purely conjecture on my part. At least I now know what exactly Raytheon did/does for NASA now, irregardless of whether they worked at Cooper Island or not.


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