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Even though my fiction project about Bermuda is likely to end after a few more stories (with most of them still floating out in the editorial ether), I found out a bit of something interested from my sister.  She’s ao  veritable expert on being a 17 year old bored American teen in Bermuda in the 1980’s, partly because that’s what she was when she lived there.  Recently, I asked her about some of the shenanigans teens routinely found themselves embroiled in.  I got the usual response of “drinking, partying, and dancing at The 40 Thieves in Hamilton.”   In then, she said something so mundane, I found it shocking — almost.  “To kill time during the day, we used to get on the shuttle bus and stay on it for hours.”

The shuttle bus ran from the Front Gate to the opposite end of the base, which would be Clearwater Beach and NASA’s Cooper Island Tracking Facility.  To state the obvious: it takes an enormous case of boredom to go:

“What do you want to go do? Go to the Beach?”


“Go Fishing?”


“Go to the bowling alley?”


“Go shop around at the NEX?”


“Throw rocks at seagulls?”


“Ride around the base for three hours on the shuttle bus?”

“Wow!  What a brilliant idea!”


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