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The first computer my family ever owned was a green screen Apple IIe.  We got it in England, and it followed the family through Bermuda, Belgium, and the Netherlands.  We never upgraded, and once I graduated, my parents went through the 1990’s largely without a computer.   Once I received my MA, and left West Virginia University, I moved in with my parents.  My Mactell Macintosh clone became the household comptuer, and I left it with my parents when I moved out two years later, to go back to graduate school.

So, the point is this.  My family originally got what was considered a cutting edge computer, and they never upgraded.  I looked at my friends, some of whom had a little more up to date models, with a sense of envy.  So, even through I’m not too computer savy, I find this website intriguing.  It’s a virtual museum of all the old, obsolete computers stretching back to the 1970s.   It contains detailed summaries with an images.


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